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Contact One of your Authorized U.S. Legend Car Dealers

We want to hear from you! Please contact us with any comments or questions at the following number or through our email form. Where necessary, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

General Information:

Phone:                        1-888-819-1466

Our Dealers listed in Alphabetical Order:

1.)    Mike Alcaro - Montclair and Newton NJ

        Tracks:  Wall Stadium                               

        888-819-1466  extension 2

2.)    Tracy Chirico- Bethel Motor Speedway

        and Business Manager North East Legends

        White Lake NY

        888-819-1466    extension 1

3.)    Verne Lafave

        Tracks: Thunder Alley

        888-819-1466  extension 9

Location where parts are available:

4.)    Brad Salatino

        Tracks:  Spencer Speedway, Dunn Tire, Lake Erie

        888-819-1466     extension 3

5.)    Mark Smith

        Tracks:  Chemung, Lake Erie, Mountain Speedway

        888-819-1466 extension 6

7.)    Jason Urso-   Shangri La

        888-819-1466  extension 4

8.)    Eugene Drew & Liz Hogan - Bethel Motor Speedway

        Fierce Eagle Motor Sports -  Oakland NJ

        888-819-1466 extension 5

Tony Alcaro - Partner

888-819-1466  extension 8

Joe Graf - Partner

888-819-1466  extension 9

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